Cake Airbrush Kit

A cake airbrush kit is a collection of all the equipment required for the process of decorating a cake by airbrushing. If you are just starting out, purchasing a kit is sometimes a good idea.

Whether or not you buy a pre-made kit or collect all the equipment yourself is the subject of this article.

We will first describe exactly what airbrush equipment you will require to get started with cake airbrushing.

1. An Airbrush: This can be a simple single-action gun or a double-action gun for more control.

2. A Compressor: Bottled compressed gas also works, but a compressor is best.

3. A Basic Range of Edible Coloring: You can do a lot by mixing the 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue) but most starter kits come with about 1 dozen colors to get you going.

These are the 3 essentials. With these items – and a cake as your canvas – you can dig right in and start decorating.

Other useful equipment which will come in handy are:

1. Stencils and masks for controlling the edges and overspray.

2. A larger color range of food paints, and also some special effects colors, like pearl or neon.

3. Extra airbrushes and/or color cups for quick and easy color changes.

These optional items can be picked up along the way, as you require them.

So there you have it. You can purchase a complete kit which will include all the necessary equipment required to tackle your airbrushed cake decorating project .. or you can obtain the items individually yourself.

Buying a kit from one single source is convenient and often includes a useful tutorial booklet or DVD to help newcomers get up and running quickly.

Sourcing pre-used components yourself can result in better quality gear at keener prices if you buy right. If purchasing the equipment from individuals you can often get extras thrown in as part of the deal. (It’s always worth asking.)

Below you will find airbrush kits and equipment specifically for cake decorating. For more information on any item of interest, just click the links:

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