All About Cake Airbrush Equipment And Supplies

There are countless things you can do with an airbrush, but one of the most interesting (and tasty) applications is for cake decorating. Using the iced cake as your canvas, you can go about creating a totally unique and exciting work of art.

After the baking is complete and the flour & icing dust have settled, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment to get started on your masterpiece.

An airbrush system. This will include an airbrush gun, a compressed gas source (usually a small compressor) and a hose connecting the two.

Liquid food colors, especially designed for cake airbrushing. This edible “paint” is available in a great variety of kits covering every imaginable color.

Stencils. This is optional but it can make your task simpler and the results more professional. Precut stencils and templates of every shape and design can be purchased for airbrushing – and many of them are specifically designed for cake decorating.

* Bakeware. From cookies to the perfect chocolate cake, you need quality bakeware and quality stainless steel cookware set on your side if you’re going to do some serious cooking.

It’s a good idea to sketch out a good design on paper before picking up the airbrush. And if you are new to airbrushing, realize that using an airbrush is a skill that takes a bit of practice. Be sure to master the basics of the tool before tackling the cake. Erasing mistakes on icing is messy!

Once you get started spraying the cake design, you will be using warm water to clean the color cup and needle between color changes.

You can use variously shaped stiff paper, cardboard or plastic for controlling your edges where you want sharper borders or to control overspray. Remember to try out precut stencils too for spraying on instant shapes.

Decorating a cake with an airbrush can be as simple as spraying on flat washes of color or hand-writing spray lettering. As your skill level increases you can advance to highly detailed unique works of art. Once you start creating masterpieces, the only trouble may be that nobody will be willing to cut the cake! Good luck with your cake airbrushing endeavors!

Here are a few of the many cake decorating airbrush kits available for sale today. If you see anything that interests you, just click the links