Cake Types for Airbrushing

Cake airbrushing is a lot of fun. You see an image in your head, you gather together your airbrushing equipment, and you make your image become a reality. There is nothing like seeing your blank canvas come to life.

However, you must first have the right cake airbrushing equipment in order to tackle your project successfully. This means having an airbrush gun, a compressor, and all the other bits and pieces required for cake decorating.

But obviously, before anything else, you must bake your cake. Determine what style of cake you wish to create and get a vision of how you’re going to incorporate your airbrush design. Here are some of the common decorating styles that you can choose from:

  • European is the most famous cake decorating style. The cake is covered with a smooth icing that is rather hard to the touch. The cake is covered with borders, flowers, and other decorating items.
  • Victorian is a more traditional style. It tends to be used in European wedding ceremonies. This is a ladder style cake with pillars of flowers.
  • The lambath style consists of layers of icing. The layers give the cake a dimensional look.
  • The Australian style is similar to lambath but is covered with fondants.
  • The Wilton style uses butter cream icing and flowers border the cake.

You can apply an airbrushed design to any one of these cakes. You can create a totally unique design with your airbrushing – something no one has ever seen before. Just be sure to sketch your design first so that you don’t find yourself making corrections or having to start all over.

Airbrushing is a skill that takes a bit of practice. You will find quite a few sources online that will guide you through the early stages. There are also links to some learning resources on this website. Another option is to take an airbrush cake decorating class in your local area – many baking schools now provide these classes – or take a look online for books, videos and DVDs on the subject.

Cake airbrushing is a very satisfying skill to learn which will bring you much enjoyment and satisfaction. With some experience and time, it could also be turned into an extra work-at-home income or even a new career.

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