Tips and Techniques on How To Airbrush a Cake

First things first, it probably should go without saying, you definitely need to use a food-safe color. If you have an airbrush machine and you’ve used it for other kinds of crafting before, and have put paint in it that wouldn’t be safe to eat, it’s really best that you not use that machine for cakes. Get a separate machine for cakes so that there’s not a contamination issue.

Alright. Read the manual for your specific machine because they’re all a little bit different. And follow your manufacturer’s instructions for use and care. It’s very important to keep your machine clean – and keep the needle clean – because if it gets clogged it’s going to cause splatters on the top of your cake.

Cover all of your surfaces. The color will travel, so you need to protect your home. You can put down butcher paper, like I have, disposable plastic table cloths work great, even yesterday’s newspaper is fine – just something to protect the surface underneath and behind the cake.

Now, just like piping – using a piping bag, pressure, angle and speed are very important when airbrushing a cake. The more that you practice with the airbrush the more comfortable you will be. So, practice, practice, practice. Practice on butcher paper or paper towels. You can get children’s coloring books and try staying within the lines .. or not staying within the lines .. whatever you are going for, and make sure you are really comfortable before you move to a cake.

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